What is it About Scruffy Dogs?

I have always been completely smitten by a face full of coarse whiskers, wispy eyebrows and hair that will not be tamed. 

Maybe it’s simply the endearing messiness of the look that is so disarming. 

Perhaps secretly it’s something we wish we could get away with in our tidy civilized lives! 

Can you imagine being able to leave the house in rumpled clothing with our hair protruding at odd angles and actually being completely enthusiastic about the laughter and delight of strangers who want to connect with us? 

As an animal communicator I don’t have to think about my own “scruffiness”, since I work remotely and don’t need to leave the house. In fact, a dog’s cute appearance can actually hinder my work! 

Having a strong visual sense makes it hard to connect to deeper levels of quiet awareness. I have to shut my eyes and go within, but instead I’m distracted by the crazy hair, the shiny black nose, and the soft, friendly eyes. So irresistible! This is where I have had to learn to connect with and hone my own natural strengths and tendencies.

My visual sense allows me to absorb the details of an animal- the cat’s shiny coat and beautiful markings or the horse’s relaxed lips and flowing mane. Or the dog’s wiry hair! It doesn’t allow me to drop beneath that incoming information to connect with the essence of the animal and to access the energetic information that lives there. Knowing this about myself was the doorway into learning to be an animal communicator.

In the mean time, the endearing messiness of a scruffy dog will always make me smile and I’m fine being the tidy person that I am.