Shelly grew up in rural areas with animals ever present in her life as friends and companions.  Her experience with them is deep and intuitive and horses in particular have taught her many profound lessons, which have helped her in expanding and refining her skills as an animal communicator.  She integrates training in the healing arts of Polarity Therapy, Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy and Clairvoyance and has offered healing to animals since 2004.
Shelly lives in rural Colorado in a tiny house she built herself.  When she is not working on a project or doing healing work with animals,  she can be found walking outside in the sunshine wearing cowboy boots and her favorite jeans.  Her  work in all its forms is connected by the common thread of deep listening and creative self expression. Her desire is that any diminishment of energy, wellbeing or self expression can be lifted so that the essence of your animal can shine through.

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