How it Works

Healing for animals, like people, can be on physical or emotional levels.  But unlike people, our animals can’t tell us what is going on inside. They communicate on non-verbal levels through body language, energetic patterns and pictures.  These subtle elements can be tuned into to help form an understanding of behavior or expressions of discomfort. Sometimes the communication could reveal that there is trauma in the animal’s body that prevents the fullness of health and this can be released through distance healing.  At other times, the difficulty could be more emotional, requiring something to shift in the relationship with the animal’s person or in the environment.

When this is communicated, the emotional difficulty can be released through a change in the animal’s environment or through understanding unmet needs.  The communication often confirms and clarifies what the animal’s person has felt, but not trusted.  So, in essence, it is a healing for both the animal and the person. When there is trauma present, releasing the energy of it can be very profound and the vitality of an animal can return.  This is often with the complementary skills of proper veterinary care. The animal’s physical body is cared for and the energetic aspect is addressed as well.

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