Shelly offers animal communication and healing for your animal.

A session consists of a conversation with the animal’s person to get a basic understanding of the issues or difficulties involved.  Then Shelly connects with your animal in meditation to understand through pictures and feelings what is going on from your animal’s perspective. If there is a pattern of trauma in the animal’s body on an emotional or physical level, Shelly applies her skills in healing to help the energy of it discharge, allowing these patterns and restrictions to be released so that energy moves freely throughout the body.


Since energy knows no boundaries of time or space, Shelly is able to work from photographs of your animal to connect with them. Behavior problems can be worked with and new agreements can be established between the person and their animal. On a physical level, health and wellbeing can return when blockages are released.

A session is $180.

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“I feel really glad to have Shelly as a resource for my animals.  My cat received a small, incremental treatment that ended up having a big effect.  She emerged from her shrunken territory and inhabited the rest of the house again. Her body language completely changed.  It is obvious from Shelly’s insight and sensitivity that she is ‘native’ to animals and it is beautiful to witness her connection and communication with them.”
—Daven Lee, Santa Fe, NM

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