Chico's Energy Work

Chico's Energy Work

Chico is one of the more unusual animals I have worked with. He’s actually a handsome little bird. He’s a Fancy Cheek Conure, to be exact, which is a type of small parrot.

I connected with him to help with his feather plucking, but it was clear from the beginning that he had other ideas.  He was more interested in showing me around the house during the reading and sharing some of his favorite things about where he lived; his toys, a favorite place to perch. And he wanted to meet me in person!

Since he and Sharon live in the same town as me, I wrote and explained that I had never had an invitation like this before and wondered if it would be okay to visit the two of them.

When I arrived, it was as though he recognized me, but couldn’t figure out where we had met. He was curious, peeking at me from Sharon’s shoulder, leaning forward slightly and eyeing me. He very much wanted to try sitting on my shoulder, but was a little shy. Sharon coaxed him with a tidbit of waffle, his favorite food.

He had shown me in the reading something that was a reddish color and it looked like he was holding it in his beak as though it was something to eat. It wasn’t food, though, and I couldn’t figure it out. It was clearly something he loved because he wanted me to see it.

Sharon laughed in her email and wrote me that it was the red waffle iron he was showing me! His favorite treat came out of that red thing on the counter and he was trying to tell me about it!  The crumbs of waffle that Sharon had me hold on my shoulder were enough encouragement for Chico to step over onto me for a visit. His little feet tickled as he stood and ate the waffle bits. When he finished, he went back to perching on Sharon, descending the front of her shirt and checking me out some more. What a delightful little character!

 The next time I connected with Chico, the reading was equally unusual. This time he made it clear that he was concerned about Sharon. He said she had some stuckness around her solar plexus and there was a need for her to have some energy work to help. And he wanted to assist.

Since I’m a Craniosacral Therapist, the readings I offer for people’s animals usually include some distance healing as well. It’s particularly helpful in releasing trauma and Sharon had experienced a mishap while riding a horse and that had impacted her abdomen.

When I arrived with my table for the appointment, Sharon brought Chico’s cage into the room with us for the session. She placed it on a cabinet near where we would be working together, but didn’t open the cage door. I clarified that Chico wanted to help with the session by being free to connect with us in any way he chose.

I observed him as I worked quietly with Sharon. He came out of the open cage and slid down the blanket draped over the side like someone rappelling down a cliff. Then he hopped onto the edge of my water glass and leaned in for a sip before turning and pooping in it, which made both Sharon and I laugh. He was owning the space!

As I worked with Sharon over about an hour, Chico eventually made his way to her shoulder where he watched me carefully; looking at me first with one eye then the other; supervising my work. When I began connecting with Sharon’s solar plexus things got very interesting. Chico suddenly bent forward, fluffed up his feathers and shook himself. A fraction of a second later, I felt a strong discharge of energy from Sharon’s body go down my back and out my legs! This happened repeatedly, with Chico sensing what was coming right before I felt the energy release.

After this had happened several times, Chico told us the session was done by flying right back into his cage! I was astonished. Clearly this little being knew exactly what he was doing to help and support Sharon-and I was merely the interpreter. 

(As a side note: Sharon has given me permission to share this story with others who would enjoy hearing it and benefit from knowing about animal communication.)